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Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Is your vinyl siding looking old and tired?

Does your vinyl siding look faded?  Do you have streaks on your siding from vegetation rubbing against it?  Can you run your hand down your siding and have white residue covering your hand?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely have oxidation on your home.  There’s no need to worry, we have a process to remove it and make your siding look new again, so in this post, we’d like to focus on oxidation issues with vinyl siding. 

First, let us tell you what causes oxidation.  It’s a natural process that happens when the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is exposed to oxygen and other natural elements as well as dirt and grime build-up.

It’s important to remove oxidation on vinyl siding. Apart from fading and other aesthetic concerns, oxidation can lead to the degradation or deterioration of your exterior cladding. Regular maintenance ensures that your vinyl siding not only looks good, but it will also last for many years to come.

To remove oxidation, we first begin with the house soft wash.  We need to ensure we remove algae, dirt, and any other contaminates, ensuring we have oxidation as the exposed layer on your siding.  Next, we will use a specialized detergent to soft wash your home again.  During this process we may utilize a soft bristle brush, hot water, or even good ole fashion hand scrubbing to remove the oxidation.  This process may take a few applications to remove the oxidation; this all depends on the severity of the oxidation. 

This process is very time consuming and requires a specialized Team that is trained in the process and detergents utilized.  We will conduct on-site estimates to determine the cost as not all oxidation washes are the same.  While more expensive than just a house wash, the process is significantly less expensive than replacing your siding.

Oxidation can occur on your painted garage door as well.  Being a painted surface, we can remove the oxidation, however the process is much more delicate to not compromise the paint.  James Hardy siding and other hardy board siding can also become oxidized over time.  We’re always happy to look at your home and help you determine the best way forward regarding exterior issues. 

We hope you have found this letter to be informative.  Our hope is to continue educating our clientele and promoting ourselves as industry subject matter experts.  Please reach out to us at 314-390-5775 with any home exterior cleaning questions or needs to have.  Estimates and consultations are always free.  Not sure if you have oxidation, please call us and we’ll help you determine that.

Lastly, we strive for feedback.  If you have feedback you’d like to provide, please send it to jeremy@majorleaguepressurewashing.com. It is my personal goal to provide the most professional and thorough exterior cleaning company in Eastern Missouri.  I value you and greatly appreciate your business.

Jeremy Callaway, Owner
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