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What’s the difference between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing?

In this article, we want to focus on educational content surrounding the pressure washing industry and the difference between pressure washing and soft washing.

Soft washing has been a buzzword in the industry and one that many consumers aren’t aware of. Have you heard of it? Do you understand it? The definition of Soft Washing is low water pressure and high-water volume washing.

cedar siding pressure washing - before

As part of our service offerings, Major League Pressure Washing provides Soft Washing for your home. Soft Washing requires the use of detergents. These detergents do the difficult work of killing the algae, loosing dirt, debris, and contamination particles, allowing us to rinse your home with water pressure in the hundreds of PSI versus thousands of PSI.

We take care of your plants and grass to ensure our detergents do not harm them. The soft washing is better for your vinyl siding, wooden painted surfaces, stucco surfaces, James Hardy style siding, or any other delicate surface we may wash. When Soft Washing your home, we can comfortably put our bare hands in the water stream that’s touching your home.

Between strong marketing and big box store ads, consumers are led into believing a higher water PSI is better regarding pressure washers. MLPW will use a higher PSI when washing masonry, concrete, and heavy equipment. Thousands of PSI are required when stripping paint from parking spots is required as an example. Bottom line, we only use the right pressure for the surface and cleaning requirement with our highly trained technicians.

If you have seen our trucks or trailers on the road or in front of your home, you will see large water tanks, or buffer tanks as they are referred to within the industry. A typical residential home will provide 4 gallons of water per minute from a water spigot. When Soft Washing, we spray anywhere from 8 – 11 gallons of water per minute. That buffer tank serves as our reservoir of water to support the water volume our machines require. While we travel with, and can bring our own water, we will always need to connect our water hose to your spigot to make up for the water volume difference.

We hope that we’ve provided you with some educational content that you can use when making a decision on who to hire to wash your home or other surfaces. MLPW strives to be the subject matter experts within the industry and more specifically the St Louis – Eastern Missouri region.

Lastly, we strive for feedback. If you have feedback you’d like to provide, please send it to jeremy@majorleaguepressurewashing.com. It is my personal goal to provide the most professional and thorough exterior cleaning you’ve ever received. I value you and greatly appreciate your business.

Thank you for choosing Major League Pressure Washing!

Jeremy Callaway
Owner of Major League Pressure Washing