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Trash Can Cleaning

Cleaning your trash cans is probably very low on your list of things you like to do. They smell. They’re dirty. They’re breeding grounds for bacteria. It’s just not fun…but, we’re here for you!

Our trash can cleaning division — Major League Trash Can Cleaning — is the St Louis region’s first choice for trash can cleaning services. That’s right! We started a separate division of our company just to service our growing demand for this specialized service offering.

How is this different from a DIY effort of soap and a hose?“, you might ask. The answer is simple. We have a dedicated, self-contained truck to service your trash cans. We have water storage tanks that keep our pressurized water at a temperate that both cleans and disinfects your garbage cans. And we even empty that filthy water and waste remnants into your truck, where we then separate it and the water, allowing us to properly dispose of each. So, as a bonus, you can see that our trash can cleaning service is also eco-friendly!

As seen on Fox 2 News!

“Great job powerwashing my house, cleaning the gutters, and trash cans. I wasn’t sure the trash cans would even come clean. Way to go Jeremy and crew!”

Blanche D. – Lake St Louis, MO